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Built-in Loudspeakers

Built-in Loudspeakers

Casse acustiche parete

Architects and interior designers always look for innovative solutions and find in our built-in speakers the ideal solution to soundproof  living spaces, hotels, gardens, swimming pools and shops. The finishes,  precision  and passion with which the loudspeakers are produced and constructed are Garvan’s craftsmen merit. There’s a wider range of choice including: on-wall or in-ceiling speakers (masonry and drywall), suspendable speakers, semi-recessed, outdoor speakers and for swimming pools. Garvan speakers  generally consist of three parts:
  1. arrangement or mounting bracket
  2. diffuser body
  3. aesthetic finish

Freedom of choice: change the aesthetic finishes

Casse acustiche muro e parete Garvan loudspeakers have an innovative magnetic fixing system that allows a strong adhesion of the aesthetic finish eliminating the risk of vibrations. This mounting system does not require screws or hooks that would affect the appearance of the speakers and it allows an easy removal and safe cleaning or maintenance. There are several types of aesthetic finishes. – micro-perforated steel net with fixative coating: the same color used to coat the plaster can be applied to the net, allowing the speaker to blend in with the environment.

Micro-perforated lacquered steel net: the steel is painted on the RAL color scale according to customer or designer needs.

Simple Lycra net: the net is available in different colors for those who like a delicate effect.

Multi-material net and frame: you can play with frames in satin & steel or painted in RAL colors combined with a wire mesh or lycra. Using different colors of frame and mesh according to your plaster/wall color paint, can create great decorative effects. The magnetic fixing system is universal for all types of covers and allows to replace it easily.


Cover Casse Acustiche

How to install

1 casse acustiche parete installazione muro

Providing the built-in wall system

You can set up a hollow for brick / masonry or drywall. It is possible to do it on materials such as bricks with a thickness starting from 8 cm finding a niche in the external dimensions of collection (which has a depth of just 7.6 cm) leaving the edge for the finishing to the height of the plaster. For arrangements in plasterboard, just cut a hole the size of the internal support and screw the bracket to the plate. The wall fittings are supplied with a pre-cut acoustic insulation cloth to  while drywalls is a good idea to put the woolen cloth  around the predisposition to eliminate vibrations and reduce wall oscillations which would cause active wave/noise cancellation.

2 Casse acustiche parete installazione corpo diffusore

Installation of the diffuser

After spreading your plaster and your dyeing or your wall finishing have dried , it’s time to attach the speaker to the mounting flange. The installation is quite simple: you need to first clean the surface and remove any dust from  plaster smearing (just a small spatula and a brush) then you have to connect the cables on your self-holding connectors   affixed  and then press the diffuser body to the metal bracket. The pressure of the screws on the perimeter of the speaker will adhere firmly to seal the gasket installation in a watertight manner ensuring the highest quality and the absence of vibrations just like in speakers hi-end with air suspension.v

3 Casse acustiche parete installazione cover estetica

Placement of the cover

Before apply the cover to the loudspeakers

Casse acustiche parete per home theatre


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