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Above the scene is dominated by the four speakers made with Artistic Murano Glass.
Project carried out in collaboration between Garvan, Tech Plus and Cleto Munari for the famous showgirl and director Heather Parisi.

Widespread audio to better meet the needs of large environments. Projects and products with customizable finishes.

Diffusione sonora personalizzata per locali, ristoranti e hotel.

Speakers camouflaged according to environment’s furnishings and materials


We develop and distribute sound diffusion systems for:

    • multi-environment (audio management within various rooms through independent source and volume control)
    • hotels (gestione avanzata dell’audio e dei suoi contenuti)
    • public places (systems composed of different listening points)
    • gardens, swimming pools and parks (variety of solutions for outdoor sound systems)
    • outdoor clubs (high performance design solutions)

Our systems can be interfaced with any home automation system and advanced management of audio content.

For advice or to find the right solution for you contact us under no obligation on the contacts” form of our site.

Audio Diffuso: Palazzo Victoria Verona

Garvan drops coated in platinum, hung in the lobby of “Palazzo Victoria” situated in the historic center of Verona (5 star Hotel)

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