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Our goal is to assist you in making your movie experience unique and exceptional. That is why here at Tech Plus S.r.l. we create systems built around you and your specific needs, with particular attention to style and technical expertise to realize your dream Home Theatre installation. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

In a world where audiovisual standards evolve constantly, realizing a great Home Theatre installation can be challenging. If you wish to add that unique stylish touch that is the trademark of your living environment, aesthetics and technological designs must complement each other in a seamless project

Boiserie Home Cinema solutionHome Theatre

Our SoloSuono team, a division of  Go ICT s.a.s, offers a wide range of possibilities and involves in each project architects and engineers who devise innovative and high quality solutions to ensure that your Home Theatre is the best in terms of performance and that is in line with your lifestyle.
Our solutions are engineered around contents and ease of use. We create procedures and automation that will automatically configure your Home Theatre system real-time according to the contents you wish to see or listen.


Sub Woofer for built-in  Home Cinema

Our designers are dedicated and committed on creating your perfect Home Theatre. A well designed  project will allow you to appreciate different shades of sound and you will be amazed by the clarity of dialogues and at the right time, a good system will transport you  in a total new dimension thanks to your favorite movie’s special effects. Our Interior Designers will advise you on the best solution for your needs and lifestyle, to harmonize the 6 audio points needed for a Home Theatre system 5.1.



Built-in Home Theatre

All electronics, sino-amplifier, media center and loudspeakers are built-in and invisible


Content management for your Home Theatre

Content management is the design basis of our systems. By analyzing your needs, we will be able to design the right solution for you. Our solutions range from traditional DVD and Blu-Ray systems, to high tech Media Centers, that will allow you to manage and enjoy all your contents at once.


Media center for all types of home theatre solutions

Media Center for Home Theatre

Our Home Theatre Media Centers are developed on UNIX platforms. This concept allows high versatility, last generation digital audio-video connections, as well as energy saving.
The interface of the multimedia content monitoring and management has been developed to assure you breathtaking graphic results with a captivating layout.











You will be able to manage via remote:

music (organized by album, artist, music genre and so on, with cover management)
video (your personal videos, WEB streaming and similar)
TV series (organize your favourite series by adding automatically extra content)
movies (organize automatically: movie poster, plot, reviews, actors and many more amazing extras)
pictures (managing your pictures albums, and automated slide-shows)
weather (detailed forecast with icons)
DVD playback (with options of skipping intro and adverts at the beginning of the movie)
applications (hundreds of applications, from Facebook to Gmail, with the option of adding video-monitoring)
digital terrestrial TV (possibility of recording your favourite TV shows)
international channels (thousands of national and international channels accessible via the internet, like National Geographic)

With our Media Center systems you can view and relive all your emotions any time you want with the utmost simplicity!

Media Server

The media server allows to share and store multimedia files for all home theatre's media center

Why a Media Server? If you have multiple audio and video stations (TV sets, Home Theatre) in your house and you wish to make use of all the contents regardless of where you are, a Media Server is the right solution! Our Media Servers are the foundation of all centralized content management systems. Developed with UNIX technology they guarantee flexibility, stability, compatibility with all various standards.
Media Servers can store easily any kind of multimedia content, as music, pictures, videos, images, HD movies, TV series, documents and much more. Our Server framework will help you organize and share with maximum ease all your contents. To manage your server you will only need a PC or Mac from which you will be able to add, modify or delete contents.
Your safety is guaranteed thanks to our Privacy and data protection program. Thanks to hi-reliability RAID systems we will be able to expand space and create separate sections according to different users and contents. This is to give you absolute security that your memories will be kept and stored safely for the future. Our systems alert you regarding the health level of the memory supports, so to warn in advance in case maintenance is needed!

share home theatre media files witch upnp protocol to your PS3, ipad and iphone devices,Thanks to UpnP/DLNA services available via Wi-Fi or wired, you will have at your disposal in real time thousands of perfectly indexed contents from all the connected peripherals, like iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet, TV, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, Android.
Our Media Servers respect the environment, and when full operational they use the same amount of energy of a small energy-saving light bulb, and while in stand-by consume less than 20Watts. The minimal amount of space needed, (sometimes just a few centimetres) and low heat emission makes it possible to install these products anywhere, even right next to your Home Theatre amplifier!

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