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Invisible loudspeakers Garvan:

The wonder and magic of an audio system  perfectly integrated in the architecture, so beautiful that you just have to listen to sense its class!

Experience the beauty and freedom of a sound system that can be seen without being noticed.

Diffusori acustici invisibili: Sub woofer da incasso Garvan

The built-in Garvan sub-woofers provide great performance with reduced encumbrance.

Garvan has studied the built-in speakers so that they are invisible, providing technical solutions with a minimalist design. The accuracy of the finishes make it almost imperceptible at a glance: no use  of plastic is made, to ensure durability with the passage of time.

To better camouflage the speakers, you may require treatment with paint adhesion that allows you to apply the same colour used on the walls or on the ceiling where the speaker is positioned.

The magnetic and aesthetic coupling flange  cancels any type of screw or hook, leaving the design of this speaker pure and clean.

The solutions proposed by Garvan may be used on structures of drywall and masonry.

Garvan invisible speakers are the ideal choice for outdoor pergolas, swimming pools and boats.


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