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SIR513 – Central channel loudspeaker for plasterboards and wall

diffusore canale centrale

Products on picture 
71AXX1 – Standard white aesthetic cover
SIR513 – On wall loudspeaker
CR1980 – In-wall formwork


Technical specifications 
Codice: SIR513
Type: D’appolito configuration
RMS Power (W): 300
Max power (W): 600


In-wall SIR513

By demand we created these new Central channel loudspeaker for home cinema created specifically for discerning ears that do not compromise in quality, power and sound pressure. The power of 300 W RMS make these home theater speakers a milestone of Garvan products.
With our in-wall sound diffusers, central channeled, with a D’Appolito configuration you can realize your personal home entertainment center. In the continuous search to satisfy every need, Garvan “knocked on the door” of houses where there isn’t the opportunity to make structural changes, creating a series of steel in-wall speakers ideal for flush installations on walls and plasterboards. The speaker box is made of marine wood, ensuring a high rigidity and the possibility that concrete grips perfectly without bulges. Almost all of the boxes have a 7.6 cm depth  flush wall, designed to be also installed in hollow bricks of 8 cm without having to break the last slab. The speakers, in part also used in the flat series and bookshelf series, are designed to play in small spaces, offering to the listener a unique involvement. The structure of these speakers is made of steel in order to obtain high rigidity and ensure an interference-free musicality. The design of these loudspeakers are the same as the design for plasterboard and flat loudspeakers and are secured by powerful neodymium magnets that provide the ability to fit perfectly flush with the wall. Garvan, thanks to the practical mounting system of the aesthetic cover and the wide range of possibilities to customize the speakers, creates solutions for every need.

100% Made in Italy Loudspeakers. Quality of the Italian handicraft: accuracy on the production and creation in every single loudspeaker with the release of a specific guarantee of authenticity. 

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