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WIC125 Subwoofer box with in-wall mounting for plasterboards

Products on picture
51AXX1 – Standard white aesthetic cover
WIC125 – Loudspeaker for plasterboard
CC2828 – Frame for plasterboard

Technical specifications
Code: WIC125
Type: Subwoofer
RMS Power (W): 80 + 80
Max Power (W): 160 + 160

In-wall system for plasterboards WIC125
With this special in-wall subwoofer system  for plasterboards is possible to create flush mountings . Thanks to a thorough study and accurate tests on built-in speakers, Garvan has created an ‘innovative and high-performance series of speakers flush to plasterboards. The speaker, designed to work on infinite baffle, can be mounted in-ceiling and on plasterboards making full use of the volume of air that is created within these spaces making the sound full-bodied. With a steel structure, these speakers get high rigidity in order to ensure a musicality devoid of parasitic resonances. The speaker is the same series of built-in and flat speakers and are secured by powerful neodymium magnets that provide the ability to fit perfectly flush with the wall. Garvan, thanks to the practical mounting system of aesthetic and extensive customization options, creates solutions for every need.

Download (PDF, 1.63MB)

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