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Sound Systems for Privates

Impianti Audio per Privati | Diffusori acustici is a well known and appreciated for the creation of audio systems for the private sector and boasts many prestigious installations such as:

  1. acoustic diffusion systems (wired)
  2. traditional home theaters
  3. real home cinema halls
  4. sound systems for outdoors, parks and gardens
  5. audio broadcasting for pools
  6. private clubs

If you appreciate our realisations, our ideas and our speakers, know that operates throughout Italy and worldwide:

  1. our technicians can assist you for free during the installation of the systems providing you an accurate design project in addition to all the audio/video necessary components and support you for all your needs.
  2. if you prefer instead an all-inclusive service, one of our specialists will visit you to complete the installation and the testing of the entire audio/video system.

Impianti Audio per Privati | Incasso_ScomparsaOur experience, combined with a wide range of unique speaker systems, 100% made in Italy, will allow you to achieve amazing results both in terms of acoustics and design. In our projects we use the built-in speakers branded Garvan that are positioned in the market as the undisputed leaders in the HQ/HD audio diffusion as they also offer customized solutions to fit every need. In addition, the compactness and high-quality materials that with wich these speakers are created ensure minimal , elegant and durable installation. Garvan speakers , in fact, are guaranteed for 3 years, an extra year compared to the european standard law requirement. We invite you to browse our photo-gallery, visit the blog and see the speakers and subwoofers catalog to directly purchase on-line at our e-commerce. If you prefer speaking to a technician to request a quote or more informations on our products, contact us without obligation 7 on 7! Impianti Audio per Privati | Home CinemaImpianti Audio per Privati | Diffusori Acustici PareteImpianti Audio per Privati | Diffusori Acustici SoffittoImpianti Audio per Privati | Casse Acustiche Soffitto

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