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Loudspeakers and bathroom | An in-house beauty farm

Loudspeakers and bathroom | An in-house beauty farm

A new Era

Smartphone. Tablet.  MP3 Players. We are always connected. Inevitably, we are becoming more resourceful as regards the use of digital technologies and furniture, especially at home. No doubt the revolution of audio speakers began to make his way in the design of home products. Our customers create their spaces according to personal needs by demonstrating a willingness to integrate innovation with high-end products, exclusively made in Italy.


In-wall Loudspeakers | Maximum resistanceand elegance in all conditions


Have you considered that…

The bathroom is a personal space equipped with different types of comfort elements, concerning beauty and body care as saunas, hydro-massage, emotional showers etc. Relax moments become more pleasant when transformed in emotions. With bathroom speakers you can listen to your favorite playlist in every room of your house: Garvan offers different solutions that blend in perfectly with your bathroom or your spa.


Bathroom Loudspeakers | Invisible, elegant and 100% Made in Italy


Specialists in Relax

Discover through our systems that with sound diffusion in the bathroom you can stay connected with your favorite radio stations with ease, you can listen to youtube video through your ipad taking a shower or while performing your activities.

Completely customizable bathroom loudspeakers

Accessible products through smart prices, with GARVAN built-in speakers

Invisible, customizable and above all resistant to any condition of humidity and temperature! Listen to your favorite music freely, we will contribute to a relaxing atmosphere with fine finishes made just for you. Bring high quality sound, enriching your bathroom, with in-wall or on-wall solutions depending on your personal taste, bathroom speakers have been designed for easy installation and space saving for small places, with minimal, invisible design.