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How to position louspeakers in a Home Theater system 5.1 e 7.1

How to position louspeakers in a Home Theater system 5.1 e 7.1

In the articles related to “multichannel” audio systems (First and Second part) we have touched on some aspects of Home Theater Systems (HT) 5.1 and 7.1, and in this article we will deal specifically with  Acoustic speakers placement of your home theater . First, remember that the nerve center of the home theater is the listener’s head, (and not the sofa …!)
Diffusori Acustici per Home Theater

Central loudspeakers

The central speaker spreads and intensifies the dialogue voices and the sound effects played by other loudspeakers (especially those of the side speakers). The central speaker should be, as its name suggests, centered with the screen and can be placed above or below it, provided it is positioned at ear level of the beholder. If you are using a projector, the screen is always very big and it is difficult to place the center speaker up to your ear. In this case, the best solution is to install the speaker  at the correct height behind a traditional phono-transparent projection screen.

Collocamento diffusori acustici home theaterFrontal loudspeakers

Lateral-frontal loudspeakers, however, have the task of spread background music, sound effects and all those details that give the perception of being in the scene. The ideal placement of these speakers is dependent on the distance between the listener and the screen: the distance between the two speakers and the distance between each speaker and the audience must be equal so that the imaginary triangle formed by the two front speakers and the head of the viewer is an equilateral triangle. In this way, the speakers should be inclined by 60° respect to the screen wall. Finally, and this is very important, these speakers should be placed at “ear height” of the listener, so that high frequencies can be captured with a good directivity.

Lateral posterior loudspeakers

Diffusori acustici posterioriThe rear-lateral side speakers perform a function similar to that of the frontal-lateralc speakers and should be positioned perpendicular to the sides of the viewer and slightly higher than his ears, this to emphasize the surround effect. In Home Theater Systems 7.1, there is a further pair of rear speakers: these speakers integrate the function of the rear side speakers, enriching the sound effects and should be placed behind the listener and are directed towards it.


The subwoofer is a speaker dedicated to the reproduction of low-frequency sounds. Given that low frequencies do not expand in a direct way, there is no need to orient the subwoofer to the listener, nor place it about ear, it can be placed on the ground at any point in the room. The only precaution to be taken is to not put the subwoofer in a corner, otherwise it generates a low rumble that compromises the overall sharpness of the reproduced sound from your home theater. One trick for the correct subwoofer placement (for the most demanding) is to place the subwoofer on the place of the listener and search, moving around the room, the point where the bass is perceived with more body: this will be the point where to put the subwoofer for a better sound! Thanks to sleek and compact design Garvan subwoofers have no problem showing off, indeed, it is a shame to hide them !!!
Il design e la raffinatezza di un Subwoofer Compatto