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On-Wall Loudspeakers

Our  On-wall speakers or the “bookshelf” series , can be placed wherever you like. Vertical, horizontal or camouflaged in the middle of the library.

On-Wall Acoustic Diffusers

Diffusori Acustici On-Wall Garvan

These loudspeakers can be applied on all types of flat surfaces.

These speakers can be hung on all types of flat surfaces.These speaker have been created to combine design and ease of installation. The elegance and compactness of the metal chassis makes this product unique.

There are dozens of finishes and a wide range of colors: for this reason you can customize and make your on-wall speaker as you prefer.

To cover the woofer there are 3 variants, with also a variety of customizable colors:

  1. micro perforated metal mesh
  2. canvas with metal support
  3. canvas with metal frame

The series SNW210 offers a footprint of only 39 mm in depth that allows this speaker to have a low visual impact and at the same an eye-catching design.

“Bookshelf loudspeakers”

With the “Bookshelf” series, you have all the freedom to place your Garvan speaker wherever you want !

This variant  is easy to install and position. On the back has two practical chrome metal connectors that allow you to connect the speakers to the system in few of seconds.

Diffusore acustico da scaffale o libreria

The perfect camouflage with stylish decoration.

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